08 March 2010

the novelty of cinco de mayo

on two separate occasions over the last few weeks i have allowed my obnoxious drunken bravado to write a couple of those proverbial bouncing checks that i am so fond of circulating into the world whilst inebriated. for some ungodly reason i entered into two pacts that provided that we, the pact-makers, would in turn produce actual, physical rough drafts of our long hyped forays into the world of long form authorization (a book, if not necessarily a novel)

today, the horror set in as i realized that both of my friends seem to be taking this seriously. and i say to myself, "oh, fuck..."

in most of all possible scenarios, those of you who know me understand that i am a much better idea man than executor of said idea. which is why my past is littered with half fleshed out, half written (if that far along) scripts and novels. hell, i even have a hard time finishing essays, articles, and short stories, which is probably already reflected by the infrequency of posts on this here blog.

apparently falling in and out of love with ideas in the blink of an eye isn't the best way to bring these projects to their intended fruition.

but that all ends now. i have recently started my book and i have promised that this time i'm gonna finish it. this time i have to...because the one trait of mine that exceeds my lack of follow through, it is my vanity.

because if shane and mike scott can deliver books by cinco de mayo, then i have to be able to, right? given, i'm not exactly sure upon what to base this prediction of completion, i mean, if i haven't managed to complete a major work to my satisfaction over the last 30 years, what makes me think that i can complete such a task within 60 days?

it's because i feel i have to. because i hate letting people down. and i make a policy against writing checks that my butt can't cash. and i really just feel the need to finally finish something, anything, so that i can free myself from the shackles and constraints that come with being a non-finisher, from the ranks of the un-clutch.

cinco de mayo is independence day, holmes.