28 May 2008

life is...

this is not a test

this blog is not about my life. i wont tell you about my personal dealings. this blog is about: cinema, gus van sant, clint bowyer, the indiana pacers(and why they suck...larry bird), beer, tree, jean luc godard, francois truffaut, the eagles, the jesus and mary chain, doing lines... from dazed and confused(dont get the wrong idea!),dwight howard, jim rome and the jungle, jimmie johnson, reggie miller, bohica! lawrence taylor, whit stillman, the herd, all the real girls, boner in sweat pants, my band manimal(the best band in the world ever!), black narcissus, dennis bingham: the greatest film professor in all the world, poker, jessica biel, fantasy sports both with jessica biel and the standard online versions, kobe bryant, the hairy american winning machines, my homies(you know who you are), and other things that probably wont seem quite as important once i realize i am sharing them with the world which is why you wont read anything personal about me...only things. to get to know about my life you have to be part of my life. boom...outta here!