03 March 2009

the best of...

the best albums are mix tapes, or i pod shuffles, or a jockey spinning songs on the radio in a jumbled randomness until one reaches out and decides to define a moment in your life like when margot got off the bus to these days and the moment was so powerful that richie tenenbaum had to cut himself to try to forget. i remember the other passengers asleep, coasting down a great smokey mountain slightly out of control and scared shitless at sunrise when everybody wants to rule the world became the most beautiful song i have ever heard.

the best films are the one's that catch you at that right time when the atmosphere onscreen can reasonably mirror that in the life being lead outside of the diegesis of the film. watching all the real girls, knowing that you are dancing full on in a bowling alley because nobody is watching and you know nobody is watching for a reason. seeing dazed and confused and wanting to drink some beer and kick some ass and it always seems we are almost out of beer. the synchronicity of those moments are enough to fry synapses and crinkle memories into brain tissue.

the best television is competition, pure i'm better than you type of shit. football, racing, american idol...all of them simply call for the human spirit to rise up and give its wholehearted best like rocky and apollo duking it out at the end of three in that dingy little gym.

the best times are spent talking and listening and just getting in contact with another person in your physical plane, face to face, seperated by little more than fabric and air, pressed up in p.j.'s eric rohmer style talking about what you should be doing and tossing devices of communication and separation aside. naughty.

the best high comes from breathing in the air from all over god's greenness.

the best parties are ones without dress codes.

and the best you is in how you relate to the moment around you. do you feel it?


Shane M. White said...

Great blog dude.
I really needed it right now.
Thank you.

b said...

what shane said.

Mike Scott II said...

I put the old IPod on shuffle and here's the ten I got...

1 Roxy Music - Ladytron
2 Fleetwood Mac - Keep On Going
3 Vladimir Cosma - Generique
4 Brian Eno - Silver Morning
5 Kid Cudi - Super Boo
6 Wu-Tang - C.R.E.A.M.
7 Syreeta - Harmour Love
8 Arthur Russell - Keeping Up
9 George Friedrich Handel - Sarabande (End Theme)
10 David Bowie - Queen Bitch


Michael Maier said...

Just how fucking high were you when you composed this post?

I'm trashed drunk on rum right now, so I'm not the best judge. Without Firefox' spell checker, this wouldn't even be coherent.

But.... seriously,... fuck dude.

*(the challenge now is getting my charcters to match your annoying word verification. Yes, I missspelled a word (now two) and I do not fucking care.)

Oh good, an easy verifications word.

troy myers said...

mike scott- that is the truth. god knows that cash rules everything around me(and rocks handel's jeans)

mike maier- how high do you think i was...let's go shot for shot sometime...i will hit a oney while you drown a shot of rum, last man standing wins.