09 April 2009

the world that drove joaquin phoenix crazy

due to some recent complications with her health my mother has been undergoing various forms of physical therapy. her speech therapist, who is actually pretty rad, is this mid 50's woman who just so happens to bear a striking resemblance to ursula, the baddie to the "princess" ariel from the little mermaid. the fact that she is so unbelievably nice, what the french would call "tres sympathetique," got me to thinking about the brand that is disney animation and the shit that they have been pumping into the impressionable minds of children over the years. seriously, the juxtaposition enforced on these characters in the little mermaid alone is reason enough for an outright ban. i mean, have you ever met some girl that was like ariel is supposed to be? really good looking girls with singing talent aren't usually very nice, they are actually kind of stuck-up and bitchy. as to where women who more resemble ursula are. think about it, women like ursula, bigger ladies with a penchant for overdone make-up, are usually the salt of the earth types, the type of gal that if she serves you in a diner will keep your coffee cup full while still finding the time to work in a nickname for you like "hon" or "sugar." the little mermaid is bullshit, but still kids are allowed to watch it and then we wonder why they later go on to pick on the fat kids in high school, or disregard them almost completely as adults. well, it's partially because in the disney milieu, there are no chubby princesses, there is only programmed, regimented, fascism...and that ain't no place to send your kids.

but enough about that, as right now i find myself more worried about where to send myself. it seems that the subsequent cancellations of both ed and gilmore girls have left a severe lack of places on t.v. that i like to escape to. ever since the stuckey bowl set up its last pin and taylor turned off the last light in star's hollow television has become an overly cynical cesspool devoid of the good intntioned dreamers that these shows portrayed. i miss the capra-esque, up with people nature of these slices of small town americana. their sentiment never gave way to overt sentimentality and their humility is severely missed. i just want something on television that is nice. not greedy, not self-absorbed, self-indulgent or cynical...just something nice.

recently, i have had this strange bent toward writing really quite cheesy, hallmarkish, inspirational prose and it has me thinking about what i see as the general mindset of the world around me. there seems a twinge of negativity, or at least a very blase, been there, done that type of attitude that permeates the modern american psyche. it has gotten to the point that i am beginning to think that genuine sincerity is just about the edgiest thing that an artist can do right now. and i'm not talking about that mawkish, precious form of sentimentality for (wo)bygone days employed by the likes of wes anderson. but the genuine affection for subject exhibited by someone like george will when talking about baseball. i'm talking about drawing simple, unadulterated pleasure out of all of life's offerings and sharing it back with the world at large. it is a rare thing in this day and age to exhibit an unforgiving passion for things, and even if you do, the people will probably just label you a goody-goody, or a prude, or a spaz or something.

because somewhere along the way mischevious bastards like bart simpson became "awesome" while kick ass dudes and stand up guys like ned flanders became "lame" and passe.

and that is some bullshit that would drive a sensitive soul crazy...

right joaquin?


John-O said...

George Will's colulmn in last week's Newsweek was pretty good - a spring training baseball warm-up quiz. Click here.

John-O said...


Mike Scott II said...

I always thought that Ariel WAS indeed a stuck-up bitch who loved to burn through men like disposable objects. Think about it. At the beginning of the film, she is clearly Daddy's favorite girl. It could be argued that she gets all the attention because she causes Dad the most stress and concern through constant disobedience and recklessness, but I don't see it. I mean, cmon, she's the star of the all-fishgirl revue.

Anyway, all the male figures in her life -Dad, gay Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle CLEARLY want nothing but the best for her. Does she listen to one of them? No. Eventually, she just goes and fucks everything up. Her loverboy almost marries one rotten bitch and Daddy almost loses the kingdom. At the end after all this, Daddy STILL gives her what she wants. If the chronology of Ariel's story continued, we'd find a harried Eric chasing after a wayward wife who is secretly boning everyone from that "Les Poissons" guy to some sexy manatee she met down at the docks.

Anyway, speaking of muddled values in Disneyana, I bought a bootleg of Song Of The South a few weeks back. Haven't watched it yet. To paraphrase Wesley Snipes, Always bet on Brer.