01 February 2010

changes of direction or blasphemy for beginners

while i was away...

i can't stop listening to the song french navy by camera obscura. i haven't seen an art film in a really long time...call it detox for those that want to enjoy movies without overthinking them. i once read a short story by joyce carol oates where the subject of every sentence had nothing, or at least very little, to do with the previous one, yet they formed like a puzzle to reveal possibly the most complex story i could have imagined. ipod has completely changed my life as the ability to buy music one song at a time has gotten me back into a quest for new music that i thought had ended long ago.

if i were going to make a top ten list for the films i saw last year, sex drive would be #1 with a bullet, i strongly urge you to check it out. the yeah yeah yeahs turned out to be a hell of a lot better than i ever thought they would be when i first heard them. jason reitman has officially lost whatever credibility i gave him after thank you for smoking as his penchant for cynicism has rendered his characters completely unable to change their context...fuck you for that sad sack up in the air bullshit. why would somebody make movies about people when they seem to hate them,especially when it is so lucrative to make movies about explosions and smurfs with jetpacks

am i the only one really really looking forward to hot tub time machine? ricky gervais and louis ck should have a cage fight to determine which of them really is in fact god. the most amazing sound i heard last year was when brett rogers knocked out andrei arlovski with one punch; who knew my introduction to loving mixed martial arts would be an audible one? i promise that i haven't lost my mind. not yet, although pauly d. is my second favorite person in the world behind my beautiful wife.

if you want a nice ass hour on wednesday, and frankly, who doesn't check out modern family at nine on abc and then flip over to bbc america and check out the inbetweeners, the two best new shows on television. if you still don't listen to los campesinos! you are just kidding yourself. the show community started off promising, but has really fallen off as of late. is there a rule that the artic monkeys can only turn out one pop gem per album, your turn cornerstone.

jebron lames still has as many championship rings as i do, which in my book makes him more overrated than the word overrated itself. do yourself a favor and buy the album manners by passion pit. go saints.

boycott award shows. that's the situation.


Michael Maier said...

Half a YEAR for that?

How high were you typing this?

I loved "Up In The Air". I guess I'm Lames like Jebron.

troy myers said...

are you fucking my face right now? i just summed up the last 6 months of my life with 22 sentences and a gerund*, that's efficiency, holmes and with a bit of panache to boot...the briefest, shortest of glimpses into the past so that we can begin to move again in our perferred direction...forward. i should get a pulitzer for this contemporary work of poetic genius, not be taking shit from you.

*editor's note: i have no idea what agerund is, let alone if i actually used one, i honestly just liked the way the word sounded.

Michael Maier said...

Fine, just bite me head off.

That's what I get for not wanting you to feel neglected.

troy myers said...

im sorry michael.

honestly though, how could i ever complain of any neglect when i abandoned this project for 6 or so months?

thanks for taking the time and remember that i only bite the heads off of people i genuinely like...the others i just ignore

Michael Maier said...

Just bustin' balls, man.

I didn't really take no offense. My name's not SHANE! OOOOOOO!!!! BURNNNNNN!!!!

(You know I love you, Shane!)